Atlanta Birth Injury Lawyer

Modern technology has advanced the process of labor and delivery to the point that birth injuries tend to be much more rare than in years past. When babies or their mothers are severely injured during labor and delivery, it is often due to medical neglect.

These injuries may be due include asphyxiation, C-section errors, severe blood loss, and other gross acts of medical negligence.  These types of incidents can cause sever injuries in the mother and the child, such as the development of neurological disorders (i.e. Cerebral Palsy), the loss of fertility, and eve death.

The families of these injured victims must then contend with the emotional toll as well as the financial burden of added medical expenses (in addition the expense of the birth!)

Whether your spouse or babe was injured due to lack of care or negligent care, an Atlanta birth injury attorney will help you recover the compensation you deserve and hold the responsible party up for justice. A quality Atlanta birth injury lawyer can be a crucial element in getting the compensation you deserve to help your family return to your everyday lives, and protect future patients from negligent medical professionals.

If your baby or your loved one was injured in Metro Atlanta, or anywhere else in Georgia, contact Ashenden & Associates, P.C. to discuss your potential case. An Atlanta birth injury attorney can help provide you with a free case evaluation and initial consultation at your request. Don’t delay, call today.