Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer


A personal injury claim involves any damage done to one person due to the negligence or recklessness of another. The damage involved does not have to be physical; it can be emotional, financial or intangible. Most lawsuits involve many types of damages. Your Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help explain which damages you may be entitled to.

For example, if a couple from Marietta was paralyzed after being involved in a car accident on the 75 because the driver of the other vehicle was drunk, they may be able to hire a personal injury attorney in Georgia to file a lawsuit for them. This claim may involve compensation for physical damages: covering their pain and medical bills. They also may be able to claim emotional damages: covering any therapy they may undergo. Their financial losses may be covered as well: covering their lost wages. Lastly, they may be able to claim intangible damages: covering their loss in their quality of life. Filing for punitive damages may help punish the person responsible and hopefully, cause less people to follow their actions in the future. In the case above, it may help reduce the number of drunk drivers.

Our Atlanta Accident Attorney is Highly Effective

As you can see, personal injury law is complex and detailed, which is why it pays to hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer with experience in your case type. In Georgia, you may sue for all personal injuries caused by negligence, intentional misconduct or strict liability. Strict liability means that you may sue another party regardless of how their personal actions played into the circumstances. Personal injuries caused by defective products are most often filed as strict liability cases.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an accident of any type, hire a top personal injury attorney from Ashenden & Associates, P.C. We offer experienced Atlanta personal injury representation to everyone in the greater metro Atlanta area. Please set up an initial consultation at our Sandy Springs office today to discuss your injuries and receive a free case evaluation.