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While motorcycles are a fun, exciting and affordable way to travel, they are one of the most dangerous vehicles to operate. Motorcyclists are over 25 times as likely to die in an accident than people traveling by car. Almost all cyclists have a story to tell about a crash involving themselves or their friends. In addition, due to recent increases in motorcycle sales, these numbers are guaranteed to increase.

Many motorcycle accidents happen solely because automobile drivers are not on the look out for bikers. And, unfortunately, when this happens, motorcyclists take the brunt of the accident injuries themselves, frequently resulting in brain injuries, road rash, paralysis, amputations, even death. To make matters worse, many Georgia residents and State Troopers have a biased image of bikers that may affect the accident reports.

If you or a loved one was harmed in a motorcycle crash, you have recourse. Hire an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney to help file a claim against the party responsible for your injuries. If you believe the accident was caused by the other driver, but the police report says otherwise, we may help you investigate the crash and provide evidence to back up your accident claims. When you file for damages against the negligent driver in a Metro Atlanta motorcycle crash, you may be eligible for:

When you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, it is important to seek Atlanta accident representation from a highly experienced accident lawyer in Georgia. Our Sandy Springs office provides service to residents in Atlanta, Roswell and Marietta. If you have any questions, contact a quality Atlanta accident attorney from Ashenden & Associates, P.C. today for your free initial consultation and case evaluation.