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Accidents involving large trucks are some of the scariest crashes a person can be involved with. Eighteen wheelers are over 16 times the weight of an average passenger vehicle. While only 3% of all accidents involve commercial trucks, they are responsible for around 12% of all traffic-related deaths. Tractor trailer accidents result in significant injuries and financial losses to the other vehicle involved. Over 30% of accidents involving large trucks are caused by the driver, frequently due to physical exhaustion. In these cases, crash victims have the right to file accident claims for the damages with the help of an accident attorney in GA.

Unfortunately, these trucks are largely protected by the company’s insurance adjusters. When a semi truck has been involved in an accident, the trucking company and their insurance company will often be on the scene before the police have finished their investigation. These representatives are charged with keeping the company costs down and will frequently seek to minimize the amount of damages due to the injured party. They will take recorded statements from all parties involved in the accident, conduct an investigation of the crash, obtain the police report and establish the damage done to both cars and people in the accident. Most of the companies will finish their investigation within a week and offer you a settlement as quickly as possible. These companies want to avoid responsibility for your future medical expenses, lost wages and other losses you may encounter in the near future.

When you hire an Atlanta truck accident attorney, you will have your own investigation headed by someone that wants to maximize, not minimize, your settlement amount. Good Atlanta accident lawyer representation can help you calculate not only your incurred expenses, but those you are likely to incur. Injuries frequently take months to fully evaluate, particularly when physical therapy may be needed to overcome temporary disabilities. Sometimes, it is impossible to tell if an injury will be permanent until after corrective surgeries are performed.

Georgia allows a two-year period to file a lawsuit in a personal injury claim. This window is extremely important, as you need to file before the deadline, but also need time to fully establish the extent of the damages done to you. While you may want to get money quickly, you may greatly regret accepting an early settlement if you do not get the full amount necessary for your injuries.

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