Georgia Negligent Security Injury Attorney


Landowners are required to keep their properties safe. For many businesses, this not only means preventing dangerous slicks and cracked sidewalks, but also providing adequate security to keep guests safe from harm. If a woman is raped in a downtown Atlanta parking garage, a child is kidnapped from a Marrietta hotel or a Roswell man is stabbed in the middle of North Point Mall, the owners of those properties may be expected to pay for the damages done. Personal injury lawsuits involving these types of incidents can be particularly expensive, because these crimes can be extremely traumatizing. An Atlanta personal injury attorney may be able to help victims receive compensation for:

Our Atlanta Accident Lawyer Can Help You Claim Damages

In order for your Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you claim damages, he or she must show the landowner had reason to know that these acts may occur and failed to exercise care to discover these acts were being done and/or failed provide warning to visitors. For example, if the woman raped in the parking garage had evidence that another woman was harmed in the garage in the same way due to the inadequate security and poor lighting conditions, she would almost certainly be able to win her case. If the hotel nursery staff provided inadequate supervision and poor key control to their daycare center, they would likely be found partly responsible for the kidnapping. On the other hand, North Point Mall was kept safe by only three mall security guards for years, the man who was stabbed may have a much harder case.

If you have an injury that may have been prevented with better security, you may need expert Atlanta negligent security injury attorney representation. At Ashenden & Associates, P.C., we have represented many other people in the same situation you are now facing. You are not alone and you can get through this with the help of a personal injury attorney in Georgia.